Sunstream Global Technologies to Showcase Cadence and EMA Design Automation Tools at IPC Organized IEMI Exhibition in Bangalore

Bangalore, India – July 30, 2024 – Sunstream Global Technologies is proud to announce its participation in the Integrated Electronics Manufacturing & Interconnections 2024 (IEMI), organized by IPC. 

The event will take place on July 30, 2024, at the Taj Yeshwantpur, Bangalore.

Sunstream Global Technologies, the leading India reseller of Cadence tools, in collaboration with EMA Design Automation (largest Cadence value added reseller in the world), will showcase the latest innovations in PCB design and analysis. Attendees will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge technologies, including OrCAD X and Allegro X, along with powerful analysis tools such as Sigrity, Clarity, and Celsius.

Highlights of Sunstream’s Participation:

  • Cadence PCB Design Tools: Visitors will experience the advanced capabilities of OrCAD X and Allegro X, which streamline design processes and enhance productivity, ensuring precise and reliable outcomes.
  • Cadence Analysis Tools: Demonstrations of Cadence’s analysis tools, including Sigrity for signal integrity, Clarity for electromagnetic field simulation, and Celsius for thermal analysis, will showcase their essential role in optimizing PCB performance.
  • EMA Design Automation Tools: Exclusive performance improvement tools from EMA Design Automation will be highlighted, including CIP, EDM, Library Builder, EMA Toolkit, and Timing Designer. These tools are designed to significantly enhance design efficiency and performance.
  • Expert Consultations: Sunstream’s team of experts will be available to provide insights, answer questions, and discuss the latest trends and challenges in Hardware design, PCB design, Mechanical design and Analysis. Attendees can learn how these advanced tools and services can be integrated into their workflows for improved design efficiency and product performance.

“We are excited to participate in the IEMI exhibition organized by IPC,” said Unni Mecheeri, CEO of Sunstream Global Technologies. “Our collaboration with EMA Design Automation allows us to bring the latest Cadence technologies and EMA’s exclusive tools to a wider audience. We look forward to demonstrating how these solutions can revolutionize PCB design and analysis, driving innovation and efficiency in the manufacturing industry.”

Event Details:

  • Date: July 30, 2024
  • Venue: Taj Yeshwantpur, Bangalore
  • Booth Number: [A3 Booth]

Sunstream Global Technologies invites all attendees to visit their booth at the IEMI exhibition to experience firsthand the capabilities of Cadence’s latest PCB design and analysis tools, along with EMA Design Automation’s performance improvement tools.

For more information about Sunstream Global Technologies and their participation in the IEMI exhibition.

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About Sunstream Global Technologies Sunstream Global Technologies is a leading provider of innovative solutions and services for product design engineering and the foremost reseller of Cadence tools in India. Collaborating with EMA Design Automation, Sunstream delivers state-of-the-art technologies in PCB design and analysis, driving the future of manufacturing. 

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