CIP Compliance Module

Supply Chain Driven Part Selection

Getting compliant to major compliance regulations like ROHS and REACH is big challenge for design organizations. The cost of an electronic product is largely determined by the components in the BOM. The OrCAD CIP Compliance Module provides vital component supply chain data typically not available to engineering, enabling designers to make intelligent and cost effective component decisions upfront. Reduce your time to market by selecting parts which are compliant to your concerned regulations.

  • Built in feature into OrCAD

    CIP compliance module gives the power to designer to select compliant parts at the design stage itself with in OrCAD.


  • Powered by SiliconExpert

    Identify and cross-reference over 300+ million parts by part number or description.

  • Compliance Driven Design

    Ensure all your designs compliant to ROHS and REACH by selecting compliant parts at early stage of design.

  • Deep Component Insights

    Information on component lifecycle status, availability, alternate sourcing, lead time and availability, and predicted years to end of life data using advanced algorithms.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Risk profile your parts in BOM and identify which components which are high risk early in the design.

  • Zero Touch BOM

    Ensure your Bill of Materials (BOM) only includes parts that are orderable and meet the regulatory, environmental, and lifecycle requirements of your products.

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