Ultra Librarian

In association with Accelerated Designs, Sunstream brings the leading CAD library tool to the market. Time needed to create library has been recognized as a top three challenged in PCB industry. Ultralibrarian brings the solution to dramatically reduce the time required to create CAD libraries.

A single format, CAD tool-neutral library environment for…

  • Building a CAD/CAE library.
  • Merging different CAD library formats to one.
  • Conversion of library across EDA formats and tools.
  • An enterprise-wide library solution.
  • Sophisticated capabilities to greatly increase speed, efficiency and accuracy.
  • Inputs and outputs to a wide variety of PCB CAD/CAE tool environments.
  • Access to large CAD neutral vendor part database.
  • Automated methods of collecting library data.

Why use Ultra Librarian

  • 6 to 20 timestime saving depending on the CAD tool and features that are being used.
  • Very significant time savings in multi-CAD system tool libraries.
  • Template-based component building allows adherence to Company or Industry library standards.
  • New footprint templates (for style parts not currently supported) can be created in under an hour.
  • Most modifications take only minutes. Footprint templates save hours of librarian time in generating new parts.
  • Potential for enormous cost savings through a single library for all CAD systems with one set of consistent parts for all designers across the company, reducing duplicate parts building.
  • Flexible part-customization for varying manufacturing specifications.
  • Manual entry or creation of symbols significantly reduced and replaced with automated creation methods.

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