Virtual Librarian

Virtual librarian (VL) is a cloud based platform for electronic and mechanical design groups to manage their ongoing need for CAD libraries in an efficient way. Designers can focus on their core design activity while building of parts can happen through the VL platform. Request all your part requirement in the VL platform, whether it is Symbols, Footprints or 3D Models, Dataheets , ROHS Certificates and you can get it back in a very short turn-around time. Virtual Librarian will adopt to your standard for library in all deliveries. So on delivered parts no rework will be required. Deliveries can also be done directly in to your PLM or database so that you can access your parts without any difficulty. VL platform will track all requests efficiently and requester will know the exact status of his request from the VL dashboard.Sunstream offers comprehensive PCB design services, ensuring seamless integration with Virtual Librarian’s standards. By leveraging Sunstream’s expertise, delivered PCB components will align effortlessly with your requirements, minimizing the need for rework.

Using Virtual Librarian you can:

  • Request PCB Symbols and Footprints.
  • Request 3D Models.
  • Request for configuration file for your database with Part parametric information.
  • Request Datasheets.
  • Request alternate parts.
  • Request for RoHS/REACH certificates for your parts.

Key benefits of Virtual Librarian platform are:

  • Reduce the cost of library creation by 40%.
  • Costly designers focus on designs rather than creating parts.
  • Parts are in your standard so no rework.
  • Get it delivered in your database. Use parts as usual from your library.
  • Control the spend by pre-allotted budget
  • Ideal for a dispersed team with designers working from different locations

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