PCB Design Services

PCB Design

PCB layout is one of the easily addressable processes in establishing a dependable outsourcing connection with those participating in the process. Many PCB design companies typically enlist local contractors possessing the necessary skills to collaborate with external parties for PCB design creation. Involving hardware engineers in schematic development and PCB layout services often introduces delays and congestion for the R&D team. Similarly, handling multiple designs concurrently can pose challenges for the majority of PCB layout teams.

Our skilled team provides comprehensive PCB design services from library creation to fabrication and assembly support. The team is equipped with the right technical knowledge in a wide range of technologies that includes analog, digital, mixed-signal, and high-speed board designs.

Our Services include:

  • Virtual Librarian:  Receive swift assistance in creating PCB libraries for your hardware and PCB team, allowing you to concentrate on your designs while we handle the library creation process with a quick turnaround.
  • Library Standardization: Standardizing your internal PCB library database is a must to ensure re-use of the designs and overall reduction in design turnaround time. We can bring global standards into your library in a short turnaround time
  • Schematic Services: Our hardware and PCB engineers are available to assist with the creation of your schematics.
  • PCB Layout: As part of embedded software development, our team offers high quality PCB layout services at a cost-effective rate.
  • Fabrication and Assembly Support: With our trusted partners, we can provide fabrication and assembly support whether it is for prototyping or for volume production

Sunstream advantages

  • Experienced PCB designers are at your service to manage your design needs.
  • Monitor the progress of your project through our project management systems and processes.
  • Utilize Virtual Librarian software for smooth requests of new parts for your designs.
  • Our expertise in 3D modeling services and hardware design will provide a complete solution for your entire new product development needs. Our economical PCB design and mechanical design will save up to 50% of your design cost.
  • Pair up your designers with our PCB engineers to realize multiple shifts in your designs

We stand as one of the premier PCB design companies capable of significantly lowering circuit board design costs by leveraging the efficiency of our global design center in projects. Our designers are committed to optimizing manufacturing and assembly costs through the implementation of appropriate design techniques. Working closely with clients, our team identifies their precise requirements, delivering exactly what is needed without unnecessary complexities that could complicate the process.

By streamlining our PCB design services, with customer needs we not only reduce production time but also enable our team to deliver high-quality circuit boards on a large scale within a short timeframe.

Virtual Librarian Services

The Virtual Librarian serves as the platform designed to manage the PCB team and their internal PCB Symbol, Footprint and 3D Model requirements. Every team member with system access can initiate requests for new parts within the platform. The processing of requested parts is completed with a turnaround time of 4 to 72 hours. Engineers can track the progress of the request in real-time inside the tool. You can provide special instructions and communicate with your librarian in real-time using the internal chat system. Most importantly you can ensure standardization of the CAD library and reduce the cost.

Feel free to contact our experts who can significantly decrease the cost of the creation of the CAD library. Engage in a conversation with our team to explore our PCB design services using multiple leading CAD systems that can bring a positive impact for your operations or business.

PCB Design With High Complexity:

Sunstream’s team for PCB design services is adept at managing PCB designs across a spectrum of complexities. Proficient in utilizing advanced CAD packages, we specialize in crafting intricate boards. Our engineers excel in tasks such as schematic capture, establishing design rules, developing parts libraries, placing components on boards of high-density, networking intricate layouts, and scrutinizing signal, power, and thermal integrity considerations. This comprehensive approach ensures a successful initial design pass.

Sustenance Engineering:

Products and PCBs, once designed, go through different challenges due to changes in market conditions and the life cycle stage changes. Common challenges faced are parts obsolescence, non-availability of components, new market entry requirements, compliance challenges etc. PCB design services must address this as part of the sustenance engineering activity. 

Sunstream’s PCB design services team can support all sustenance engineering needs. The team can review your BoM, identify high-risk parts, and find suitable alternates to reduce the risk of obsolescence and non-compliance. The PCB layout team will incorporate the necessary modifications into the design and produce new layout files. By utilizing our sustenance engineering services, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can ensure that their Bills of Materials (BoMs) are up-to-date and sourceable at any given time. Our services encompass:

  • Conducting a BoM Health check
  • Identifying alternate parts
  • Providing a technical report on the impact of part replacement
  • Updating schematic and board files
  • Generating new PCB files

Reverse Engineering: 

Many customers find themselves in situations where they have lost the final design data, making it challenging to replicate the board. In numerous cases, the current product being manufactured deviates from the final design version known to the product owner. Other factors, such as a contract manufacturer failing to provide design files after the contract concludes, can contribute to these scenarios.

Sunstream PCB design services team has assisted customers in several such situations with our multi-dimensional approach.  It starts with identifying the current version of the manufactured PCB board and reviewing and mapping against the final design files available. We use different methods to regenerate the PCB design data. It identifies the components used and generates the completed BOM from a populated board file. Our hardware engineers will identify traces and try to generate the schematic files. 

Sunstream also has strong global partners who will assist in other activities like a PCB board scan. 

Using these internal capabilities and our partner’s assistance, we can generate the board file, schematic, and latest BoM, which can be further used as the final design version.