3D Modeling Services

Delivering better products at lower cost and shorter time to market is continuous pressure on all product manufacturing companies. This has resulted in companies looking beyond their internal engineering team to achieve tough cost and time challenges.

Sunstream supports your new product design and sustenance engineering needs, and assists you in achieving your business goals. As an extension of your internal engineering team, Sunstream can participate in the projects and deliver results that will assist you to achieve your objectives within budget.

We provide exceptional 3D modeling services and other Computer-Aided Design (CAD) services to our clients. We take care of concept development, product design, modeling, and Product life cycle management. Our team renders quality Engineering Process Outsourcing for your business to maximize your productivity.

Our mechanical services include

  • Concept Development – Industrial design, Styling, Ergonomics, Competitor analysis, and Market study.
  • Design – Product Design, 3D Modeling Services, Component design, Mechanism design, Embedded software development, Module selection, and Integration.
  • Detailing & 3D Modeling Services – CAD Modeling, Detail Engineering, Manufacturing Drawings, BoM, and GD&T.
  • Analysis Support – FEA, CFD, Thermal Analysis, Structural Analysis, and Reliability Analysis.
  • Engineering Change Order – Manage ECOs and implement them in the design files, Version update, and Documentation.
  • Product Life Cycle Management – Assembly Instructions, User Manuals, Technical documentation Videos all driven from CAD data.
  • Technical Publication – Assembly Instructions, User Manuals, Technical documentation Videos all driven from CAD data.


  • New Product development – Integrating advanced technology in electronic products is one of the trends in the product development industry. Thus, developing a new product from scratch is influenced by several factors. Our expert professionals at Sunstream have consistently optimized and enhanced the product design from the project conception. With a focus on integrating advanced technology including in our 3D CAD services, our team devises effective strategies in the development of various electronic products through continuous testing and improvements.
    Sunstream has been developing numerous successful complex electronic products that cater for every need and requirement of our customers. Thus, your unique and innovative ideas are turned into market-ready products through our integrated electronic product development.
  • Sustenance Engineering – Ongoing support for product updates and maintenance, also called sustenance engineering, is necessary for the product development industry to ensure the device’s lifespan and profit over the invested electronic products. 
    The technical support products will move to a mature stage during their lifecycle, which can disrupt the process. So, through constant maintenance and incremental innovation, your revenue is protected and optimizes your product’s reliability, performance, and quality. Thus, by outsourcing through Sunstream’s embedded software development services, you can maintain the quality of the product, enhance your development, and make it compliant with regulatory standards. You can rely on our experts for mature product tasks associated with sustenance engineering and can focus ideally on your subsequent product development.
  • Engineering Process Outsourcing – Do you know that every company spends around 4% of its revenue on the engineering process? For any industry, engineering is the backbone and developing new products will take your businesses to new heights. Hence, outsourcing with Sunstream can improve its in-house engineering process and access the latest technology at a minimum cost.Our highly skilled professionals offer an exceptional engineering process despite the complexity of the project size. Our CAD drafting services are all you need for your in-house engineering process, from conversion to drafting. The team at Sunstream has hands-on experience with the latest software and developments, which enables us to render the expected results for our clients.

Why should you outsource your engineering process to us?

The market for products is very dynamic in nature and as new developments emerge, the entire market must keep up with these changes. To conform to these standards, a company needs to be quick and adapt to different situations. This can be difficult when the management handles everything on its own. So, what is the right way to do things?

Sunstream is the solution that you are looking for. We provide a wide range of engineering services like New product conceptualization, prototyping, drafting, and CAD drawing services. But, how does it benefit you as a company when you choose to work with us?

Our engineers are very proficient enough to visualize the end product and work accordingly. They have in-depth knowledge about every aspect of 3D modeling which makes them capable of rendering quality CAD drafting services for your company. We can analyze each individual component of the model and conduct tests before we approve a design. Therefore, you will receive a design which is ready for manufacture. We as an industrial design company can deliver design concepts with detail engineering that conform to the latest international quality standards.

We can also create and develop customized designs based on your company’s product requirements. When you approach Sunstream, you tap into our expertise gained across various industrial verticals. Sunstream provides comprehensive 3D CAD services, enhancing visualization and precision in product development to align seamlessly with industry standards.

Outsourcing the engineering process will reduce labor costs by 20% – 30% and also minimize the expenditure on such operations. This fund that you save can be effectively employed in various core activities.

When you work with CAD drafting companies like us, you will also benefit from the technical expertise of our team. We work extensively with the engineering process and therefore, we keep with the trend and have been equipped with the necessary know-how to assist you with better inputs. Get in touch with us to get extensive mechanical design services like Product development, Modeling, and PCB layout services at affordable costs.