Embedded Software Development Company

Embedded systems are evolving rapidly now. Being part of standalone systems earlier, now it extends to web, cloud, and mobile. These technologies change the way users interact with the product. With IoT extending to all industries, these systems are bringing innovation, convenience, and user experience to human life.

Time to market has been the key factor for success these days. Sunstream engineering group can set up engineering teams to deliver projects in quick turn-around, within budget. Our team of engineers is very proficient with embedded software development. We develop IoT applications and design GUI that enhances the utility of the product. 

Our services include

  • Embedded Software Development.
  • Machine to machine communications.
  • IoT applications.
  • Connectivity and protocol stack development.
  • GUI Development.
  • Porting applications across OS (Windows, Linux, RTOS).
  • Driver development.


  • Linux, Unix, embedded Linux, Windows CE, Vx-Works, EUROS, RTX, FreeRTOS, RL-ARM, ThreadX, Device Drivers, Board Support Packages.
  • C, C++, embedded C++, Java, embedded Java, C#, .NET, Python, HTML, HTML5.
  • ARM, PIC, and 8051 Micro Controllers, X86 (Atom from Intel), Cypress (PSoC and EnCoRe families), SoC (TI, NXP, Freescale), SoM (Torodex and Phytec).
  • SPI, I2C, UART, RS485, HART, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Low Energy, NFC Proprietary 2.4GHz point-to-point radio GSM/GPRS Data Interface, GPS, RFID, Infrared.

Growing demand for embedded systems

The modern world has done away with bulkier devices and systems. Every organization strives to minimize its costs and improve convenience, both for themselves as a company and for the end-user. 

To put it simply, companies now look for flexible, compact, low-maintenance, and tailor-made devices and systems. They feel that this would help them keep up with the ever-growing demands of the market to produce high-quality and easy-to-use products. For that purpose, you would require the expert assistance of an Embedded Software Development Company to help you with the process.

Framework of an embedded system

An embedded system needs both the support of reliable hardware and robust software to function to its fullest potential. An embedded system can be separated into three layers, which work coherently to deliver the best output. It is the hardware, software, and operating system.

How does Sunstream help its clients?

We have a good track record in embedded software development services. Our team of engineers combines their expertise in rendering quality assistance to design and develop Embedded programs, GUI development and IoT applications. We follow a time-tested workflow so that we are able to match the expectations of the client.

  • Our engineers guide the client in selecting the reliable hardware/components that supports the final software design.
  • The team develops the ideal stack to enable the device and ensure that it does not face any issues in connecting with the private or public cloud.
  • Based on the requirements of the client, our engineers will suggest a suitable development language for embedded software development.

Hardware design is followed by implementing the design on a PCB. Sunstream’s PCB design services ensure that the embedded PCB layout is done considering EMI/EMC, thermal, and manufacturing considerations.

Sunstream does not stop here since hardware by itself is of no particular use. Therefore, our engineers get to work on creating efficient software to integrate it with the hardware so that they would function as a single unit. For this to work, you need the assistance of a competent team so that everything will go in tandem with the rest.

At Sunstream, our experts will provide exceptional embedded software consulting to assist you with the creation, implementation, and maintenance of agile embedded software for your business. Get in touch with us now!