Ultra Librarian for OrCAD

  • Search, Place, Design

    16 million parts with symbols, footprints, 3D models and detailed parametric information from major component manufacturers available through Ultra Librarian. Ultra Librarian for OrCAD directly provides access to search and place components directly in to your design using simple drag and drop method.

  • Pixel-Perfect 3D Models

    Time to market is the essence of all product development these days. Checking manufacturability during design phase is an important function to achieve this. Acquiring 3D models of the critical parts are very important in checking manufacturability and visualizing the design. UltraLibrarian for OrCAD will give immediate access to the largest library of component 3D models.

  • Place Parts with Confidence

    Ultra Librarian for OrcAD provides access to component information including pricing, stock, specification, and compliance information in one place. In the early phase of the design be confident about the risk involved in the parts you select in your design.

  • Built to the Highest Standard

    Ultra Librarian for OrCAD provide you complete confidence in the data you use in the design. All parts in the library are created adopting globally approved standards including IPC 73518 (PCB Footprints), ANSI Y32.3-1975 (symbol standards) and ISO10303-21 (STEP model standard). All parts in the database are verified against 30 different criteria to ensure complete accuracy.

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