OrCAD Engineering Data Management

  • Native, Real-Time Dashboard with Automated Revision Control

    EDM dash board will assist you to manage and track design progress and changes at your fingertips. All changes in your designs are tracked and version controlled. This will help you to track each version and roll back to any previous one effortlessly. Your design data is centrally managed and accessible through OrCAD or web browser.

  • Centralized File and Library Management

    Manage all your design data with in your CAD tool and avoid all errors. OrCAD EDM (Engineering Data Management) understands all native files generated during schematic design and PCB design process and their relationship. It can manage this entire data set as part of the design. It can manage schematic files, board files, Gerber, part datasheets and any additional files associated with the project. Your PCB library will be linked to the design and any approved changes in library is reflected in the designs where it is used.

  • Effective Team Collaboration

    OrCAD EDM acts an an effective collaboration tool with in the design team. Features like check-in/out, user roles and design partitioning will help to organize the interaction between team members. Collaborate and work from anywhere ensuring only one person is updating the design at a time and eliminate the risk of overriding recent updates.

  • Achieve Complete Data Management

    Get control of your design data with the comprehensive data management tools from OrCAD. OrCAD Capture CIS integrates part database allowing you to easily search and place parts and manage design versions with in the ECAD environment. OrCAD Engineering Data Management (EDM) enables you to manage your design files and collaborate with your team ensuring version control and library management.

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