PSpice Advanced Analysis

Unique evaluation abilities that will help you optimize your designs even as improving reliability, predictability, yield, and cost.

Improve Yield:

  • Utilize advanced Monte Carlo simulation to determine if yield will be proper before shifting to manufacturing.

Reduce Costs:

  • Estimate worst case circuit overall performance to perceive wherein lower price relaxed tolerance devices may be swapped in without adversely affecting the design.

Design for Reliability:

  • Identify which additives are in hazard of becoming over stressed or failing beneath supposed running conditions earlier than you visit manufacturing.


  • Let PSpice quickly evaluate multiple design implementation alternatives to determine the exceptional direction primarily based for your particular design criteria.

Full Mixed-Signal Analysis:

  • Integrated C/C++ and SPICE simulation engines allow you to absolutely model combined sign digital devices at any degree of abstraction.

Powerful Simulation:

  • Analyse, and optimize important circuits and components the usage of effective OrCAD PSpice technologies with native analog, blended signal, and analysis engines.

Circuit Optimization:

  • Maximize circuit performance, yield, and reliability with temperature and stress evaluation, worst-case analysis, Monte Carlo evaluation, and performance optimization evaluation.

Unparalleled Waveform Viewing and Analysis:

  • Dive deep into simulation results with effective waveform viewing, evaluation, and publish-processing expression help while not having to rerun simulations.

Enhanced Capabilities:

  • Go beyond fashionable circuit simulation with occasion-pushed simulation, checkpoint restart, advanced-convergence, and curve fitting abilities.

Extensive Model Support:

  • Get to simulation quicker with greater than 33,000 simulation-equipped analog and blended-signal devices, mathematical capabilities, and behavioural modelling.

Open Architecture Platform:

  • Custom tailor your PSpice surroundings to enhance and increase it with the capacity to create custom features, answers, and flows.

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