Identifying SI/PI issues in the beginning of the design cycle will ensure that such issues are arrested at the pre-layout and in design phase itself. Sigrity Aurora provides traditional signal and power integrity (SI / PI) analysis for pre-layout, in-design, and post-
layout of PCB designs. Sigrity Aurora is integrated with Cadence OrCAD and Allegro PCB environments and gives the power to the user to do the analysis early in the design using “What if” scenarios. Power Feasibility Editor feature helps to select the right
combination of decoupling capacitors in design and pre layout phase .

Sigrity Aurora works seamlessly with Cadence Allegro and writes directly into Allegro PCB database. It has a SPICE simulator and comes with IBIS models, transistor level models and embedded hybrid field solvers for 2D and 3D structures.

Design can be integrated with the analysis results much easily using Sigrity Aurora as it writes directly in to the Allegro PCB database. This tool comes with a SPICE simulator, IBIS models, translator level models, power aware models and embedded hybrid field
solvers for extraction of 2D and 3D structures. High speed signals can be evaluated pre layout, in-design or post layout alternate consideration.

Key Benefits

  • Early-stage detection of SI/PI design errors and ensures first pass

  • Alternative topologies can be considered and evaluated at design stage itelf

  • Minimise EMI issues in PCB Layout phase using in-design analysis.

Key Features

  • Sigrity Aurora integrates analysis engine with OrCAD and Allegro technologies

  • Screening and identifying SI problems quickly without using SI models

  • Circuit simulation can be done using “What if” scenario using Allegro System
    Capture environment

  • Constraint driven flow for SI/PI analysis with in the design environment

  • Impedance discontinuities, reflections, coupling, crosstalk, IR-drop, and return
    path analysis

  • Allegro PCB Symphony Team Design session to perform SI / PI analysis without
    making multiple copies of the design

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