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Sustream is introducing EMA Support Plus for customers who renews their OrCAD license maintenance through us. The initiative is designed to provide more value and resources to customers for ensuring their success.
Your annual maintenance subscription is coming with a list of items including: Access to experts, training, and technology which can greatly improve productivity, problem-solving and work effectiveness in design.
All available for FREE to active maintenance customers through Sunstream Global Technologies:

Exclusive EMA/Sunstream Customer Advantages


Toolkit is a collection of apps such as CircuitFit, Highlight Part, PCB Clustering, CIS BOM Template and more. These tools which improves productivity and reduces errors are made available for free with the Support Plus program.

EMA Customer & Technical Support+ | EMA Design Automations (


Self-guided online training classes provide a flexible way of learning and acquiring new skills.

Several Hours of Learning Material

30+ Free Courses

Here are some search results that offer self-paced online courses.

  • Advanced PCB Editor Training Bundle
    PCB Editor Training Bundle teaches, how to use the advanced features in the tool accurately and efficiently.
  • Advanced PCB Editor Training for DFM
    Learn how to reduce issues while manufacturing, assembly, and testing of PCBs.
  • Advanced PCB Editor Training for Constraints
    Learn how to implement rules & ensure success for complex PCB design, Multi Stackup, differential pairs, and more.
  • DDR SI Metrics Check Workshop
    Learn how to use the SI Metrics Check workflow in Sigrity to analyse DDR interfaces for crosstalk and reflections.

You can view all our courses
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Quick How-Tos & Knowledgebase

Leverage our years of supporting Cadence products with our comprehensive solution, tips, and guides to help answer your questions fast and accurately. Quick step-by-step process showing how to get the most from design software.

  • Over 60+ How-To Articles
  • Over 600+ Technical Articles
  • Solutions to Your Top Challenges
  • Quick start and Install Guides
  • New Ones Added Weekly
  • Videos and Demo Files Included

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More to Come

This is the beginning and have lots of these updates rolling.

If you don’t think you have access to Support+ yet (it’s free to all active maintenance customers who renewed subscription through Sunstream in India) you can learn more and request access here: EMA Customer & Technical Support+ | EMA Design Automations (

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