Component Engineering

Product development and manufacturing environment is always on pressure due to the fast evolution of the technology. Managing design for manufacturing is always a challenge. Managing several challenges in the design, manufacturing and supply chain needs better management of component data.

Our industry knowledge combined with expertise in Component Engineering, Data Transformation, Process Automation and Multi-lingual Sourcing allows us to more efficiently address the component engineering needs. Our strong processes, experienced team combined with proven solutions that incorporate industry best practices adds life for traditionally followed monotonous data engine approach.

In today’s dynamic world with the fast evolving technologies, it has become challenging than ever to keep product data systems up-to-date. Creating, enriching and maintaining clean component databases with detailed part parameters, compliance information, electro-mechanical parameters & packaging information is mission-critical for engineering, supply chain, purchasing, manufacturing & e-commerce.

In this new era of fast technological evolution, it is no surprise that many global business executives see data as a source of competitive advantage and at the same time as a struggle. The electronics industry finds it challenging to keep the data systems up-to-date.

Sunstream Global Technologies Data Transformation Services enable Manufacturing companies and OEMs to efficiently manage their component database residing in PLM, PDM, PIM, E-Commerce and ERP systems. For most companies investing in any such enterprise system is a well acknowledged requirement. But it is more important to have quality master data which will drive these software to success.

Benefits of enriched data

  • Reduce buying cost.
  • Manage obsolescence.
  • Improve data quality & Timely access to critical data.
  • Support better decision making, leading to compliance with government regulations.
  • Improve productivity & operational efficiency.
  • Enhance Cross selling & Upselling.
  • Effective integration of big data sources.
  • Simplify reporting & Business Intelligence.

Sunstream Global Technologies is helping companies to avoid fire-fight at the last moment for components going obsolete by our pro-active component life cycle management services. Our existing relationship with thousands of supplier & access to major distributor database helps us to accurately confirm the life cycle of all kind of parts. No prediction, no guessing but a single trustable source to give you a quarterly report on all components in your bill of materials. Global manufacturing leaders trust us for obsolescence surveillance of their highest revenue generating products because they do not want to gamble on a reactive model.

Our obsolescence management services help you to

  • Track life cycle changes.
  • Cover all parts including electronic, mechanical and consumables.
  • Identify riskier suppliers.
  • Alternate for non-active parts.

The Internet is an open public network with endless commercial opportunities. The exciting environment of electronic commerce encompasses a broad range of interaction processes among the various market participants. E-catalogue form the foundation of an e-commerce transaction and catalogue (or product information) management is a function that is required in almost all e-commerce systems, e-procurement tools, e-marketplace, supply chain tools and ERP systems. The task of creating and maintaining electronic product / component information enables a firm to leverage a 'known-good' reference as basis for all transactions, including searching, selecting and facilitating preferred parts management.

Our Catalogue management Services helps you to

  • Update the catalog with new parts.
  • Maintain consistency of categories.
  • Improve search and retrieval of data.
  • Reduce cost of cataloging.

We have an experienced team of component engineers specialized in various family of parts like passive, discrete, IC's, Interconnects, Memory, Lighting and so on to provide you an accurate cross referencing database. We follow a robust process of parametric comparison and along with our product engineering knowledge, we have specialists to develop multiple sources for your components.

OEM's utilize our services for ensuring that the parts used in designs have multiple sources. Most component manufacturers and distributors also utilize our cross referencing services to identify alternatives in customer Bills of Materials and create up-sell/cross-sell opportunities.

Value we add through our cross referencing services

  • Increased business opportunities.
  • Reduced quoting turn-around time.
  • Improved customer e-commerce buying experience.
  • Avoid business risk with multiple source for components.

We also offer

BOM Management

  • BoM Cleanse,Enrich & Standardise.
  • BoM Assessment.
  • NPI & Configuration Management.
  • Component Information Portal for managing your data.

Cost Reduction Services

  • Purchase consolidation.
  • Identifying lower cost alternates.
  • Identifying Low Cost Country (LCC) sourcing options.

Component Library Management

  • Schematic Symbols.
  • PCB footprints.
  • Conversion of library for your preferred tools.