Effectiveness of procurement and sales depend on the availability of material master which is clean and complete to make the right decisions at the right time.  Complete and accurate data of the procurement parts and sales items are essential for making accurate buying and selling decisions. Together with the asset register, the materials catalogue forms the foundation of inventory, purchasing and maintenance management processes and systems. The quality of the catalogue has a direct impact upon these processes and systems as they contribute to the achievement of organizational goals. ERP tools, Procurement systems, Sales catalogs, PIM Systems and SRM tools rely on the underlying data quality of the material master for effective functioning.


How good is your Material Catalogue?


Effective MDM sits at the core of truly intelligent operations that can act, sense, and learn from your data.

As pioneers in MRO data management, Sunstream offers end to end catalogue creation and maintenance solutions for Material Master that enables companies to improve performance, mitigate risks, and thereby enhance profitability. Sunstream understands that each customer and industry is unique; therefore, materials data must be cleansed accordingly. Using strategic semi-automated process, along with industry best practice standards, Sunstream can tailor data to the specific business and system requirements of each customer. Throughout the process, Sunstream standardizes, enhances, and validates raw data to provide a material master that is consistent, attribute-rich, and free of duplication. Once clean, materials data is then formatted to meet the specific configuration requirements of the chosen ERP/EAM/CMMS, including field type, character limitation, and data arrangement.

Material Master Cataloguing Services include:

  • Data Audit to identify the underlying data issues
  • Bench marking to industry and global standards
  • Data Collection from multiple sources: Legacy systems, Catalogs online and offline, Transactional data, Suppliers and customers
  • Bringing Attribute Standards and Schema standards
  • Data Normalization, Classification and Enrichment Services
  • Crib crawling data collection from stores
  • Data analysis for performance improvements in spend & supplier management, inventory optimization,

Obviously, there are many benefits associated with a good standardized materials catalogue. The figure below illustrates some of these key benefits.

It should be possible to develop a sound business case for a good material catalogue. Some of the above benefits (such as holding costs and procurement costs) are easily quantified; others (such as the effort spent locating the correct item or the time wasted by a fitter doing emergency modifications) are more difficult to quantify, but real never the less.