California Proposition 65

California proposition 65 regulation has brought a formal process for control of products which use chemicals which are carcinogenic, mutagenic and affecting reproductive system. Even though it is in the initial stages of its implementation, the regulation puts in a lot of challenges on companies to identify material content and provide sufficient safety warnings on their products.

Our Pop 65 compliance services include Consulting

  • Need assessment.
  • Identify obligations.
  • Develop road map.
  • Develop compliance process.
  • Audit the process.
  • Assist in technology selection.


  • Master data cleansing.
  • Compliance data collection.
    • Prop 65 Compliance statement.
    • Prop 65 certificate of compliance.
    • Full Material compliance in IPC, IEC, XML and Excel.
  • Prop 65 Reporting
  • Prop 65 Compliance maintenance
  • Converting non compliant products to compliant.
  • End to End compliance services.


  • Selection of tools.
  • Implementation of compliance tools.