Electronic Design

Electronic products are fast evolving by reducing size, improving features and lowering cost. All organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver products which exceed market expectations. With lot of traditional products getting internet enabled, electronics industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation which has blurred the boundaries of electronics, software and mechanical designs.

Sunstream provides electronic design support in the area of new product development, sustenance engineering and re-engineering. We assist SMEs and large companies to set up engineering groups with us which will act as an extended team for development. We offer business models which will ensure higher return on investment and will turn around more projects with the available budget.

Our electronic design services include:

  • Hardware Design -Schematic design, Board design, PCB Layout, Component selection, FPGA and Integration.
  • Firmware Services -Embedded software C, C++, Python, C#, Expertise in wide variety of micro controllers and processors.
  • PCB Design -Schematic design, Placement, Routing, Gerber generation and Documentation.
  • Software Services -GUI applications, Mobile Applications and Web applications.


  • New Product Development -Schematic to product prototyping services.
  • Product Life Cycle Services -Feature upgrade, Redesign for obsolescence, Through-hole to SMD conversion, Technology upgrade, Cost reduction services and Internet enabling.
  • IoT Development -Hardware Design, Connectivity development (Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wifi, GSM,NFC and more), Mobile/Web development.
  • ECO Support -Implement ECO in schematic and update board files and document.
  • PCB Library Services -Virtual Librarian services, Library standardization.