Sunstream’s IMDS Compliance Services

Over the years, we have been providing IMDS support to many leading automotive parts manufacturers around the globe. If you are planning to outsource your IMDS management tasks then you are talking to the right people. Our IMDS service provides rapid and reliable solutions to customers and helps them achieve their regulatory requirements.

Managing suppliers and solving problems related to MDS submission could be a cumbrous process and hence requires specialized expertise to handle. Suppliers need to be trained and guided from time to time for effective and accurate IMDS reporting. Our IMDS experts will closely monitor the supplier data and ensure that they are submitted as per IMDS recommendations and guidelines. We make certain that the supplier abides by the ELV, GADSL and OEM Specifications for data acceptance. Our experienced team has robust and standardized MDS validation criteria which ensure minimal rejection from the End customer. We can assist you with IMDS data management, communicate with your customers and help formulate and solve your supplier problems. Sunstream can be your one-stop solution for all your IMDS requirements. We can be your reliable IMDS compliance partner. We have a dedicated team of IMDS professionals to provide better solutions

Sunstream’s IMDS Compliance Helps With

  • MDS data entry
  • Supplier MDS validation
  • Supplier Management
  • Final IMDS tree structure preparation
  • Customer MDS submission

Why IMDS Compliance Is Required?

It has become a mandate for automotive suppliers to submit material data of the products that they sell to Automotive OEMs. An MDS data includes details of the chemical, substances, and materials that are used to produce that Automotive product. This information helps automakers to verify whether their supply chain is complying with the legal requirements and environmental regulations. The MDS system helps manage this information and validate the composition of the parts they procure during the PPAP (Production part approval) process

Our IMDS Service can help Manufacturers meet their IMDS reporting requirements and effectively manage environmental compliance obligations and to meet global Automotive standards.

How We Can Help?

  • Our IMDS services enable Auto parts Manufacturers to meet their requirements of the End-of-life Vehicle Directive (ELV).
  • Our IMDS professionals will assist you to meet multiple compliance obligations placed on Automobile manufacturers.
  • Our multilingual supplier management team coordinates with suppliers over the globe for timely material data submission.
  • We ensure accurate data validation and on-time submissions to your customers.
  • We can manage multiple regulations and declarations such as ELV, GADSL, REACH, SCIP, ROHS.
  • Our IMDS experts can provide support in Hazardous substances Tracking.
  • We help create dismantling manuals for type-approved vehicle models as per country-specific requirements. We also provide SDS services through which the data found in them can be used as a source to include information in the IMDS database.
  • We can assist with Reuse, Recycle, and Recovery (RRR) calculation for vehicle manuals as per ISO 22628

Looking for IMDS compliance solutions? Get in touch with  Sunstream which provides exceptional compliance service for IMDS including conflict mineral compliance, SDS, and REACH. Call us