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Safety data sheets (SDS) are a well-accepted method of communicating hazard and safety information of chemicals. SDS has been made an integral part of the system of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 (REACH). EU and many other countries globally have adapted their SDS laws to ensure GHS Compliance (Globally Harmonized System) which makes it universally acceptable.

As per the regulation, all new SDSs going to be placed in the market after 1 June 2015 should be in the SDS format. While certain chemicals which are already in the market before 1 June 2015 need to be converted into SDS within 1 June 2017.

These changes in the industry create a sudden pressure on organizations to get their act together in the SDS/MSDS management. Sunstream provides an array of SDS services to assist customers in managing this time-bound challenge.

Our services in this area include

  • Indexing and Mapping of Chemicals for SDS MSDS Compliance.

It is quite challenging for many chemical-based companies to maintain and obtain comprehensive information on the Chemical Safety Data Sheet (SDS). So, the first task of when a supply chain or manufacturer receives chemicals in the dock, it is essential to ensure whether the chemical is SDS compliant. We at Sunstream offer you a complete and effective SDS services which enables the clients to manage and handle the SDS compliance significantly. We also undertake the process of indexing where we map the specific data from the specific field of the SDS database. 

  • MSDS authoring.

The SDS/MSDS is essential for the companies that involve chemical manufacturing, and distribution. Hence, it has become an mandatory and essential process to author the MSDS sheets and its labels before your products reach the market. We at Sunstream ensure your supply chain meets the compliance by authoring the chemical product through sampling and sending the samples to the laboratory for further analysis. Through our SDS services, you update your SDS and labels so that you meet the regulatory requirements and offer the best practice for your clients with the right standards.

  • MSDS Services.

A comprehensive technical document that interprets the guidelines on health and safety for humans and the environment is essential. And we at Sunstream offer a complete SDS services where we collect data through our extensive research on the product which include manufacturers and downstream suppliers name, contact details, and related information. We also assist the company in creating the SDS based on hazardous chemical names, its physical interpretation, its fire explosion limit, reaction rate, toxic properties, preventive and first-aid measures. Sunstream, is your ideal where you comply with various supply chain regulations and the requirements by the Global Hazard Communication.  

  • Hazard Evaluation.
  • SDS Hazard label statement preparation.
  • SDS Sourcing from suppliers.
  • SAP EHS Support.
  • WERCS support.
  • Support on many other platforms.
  • Language services.

Safety Data Sheet provides crucial information to the workers who handle hazardous chemicals in a factory. It details the various properties, reactions, and control procedures of the substances begin managed in the factory. SDS will have all of this information in a clear and concise manner to prevent any kind of mishaps within the workplace. Sunstream makes this process easy for you with our SDS services.

Sections in the Safety Data Sheets

  • Section 1 to 8 – Composition, handling practices, and control measures pertaining to the substance.

Sections 1-8 discuss the information that deals with the chemical’s identification, composition, safe handling    practices, and steps to be taken during the emergency. Generally, it speaks about composition, handling practices, and control measures pertaining to the chemical substance. This Safety Data Sheet (SDS) will benefit users who wish to acquire information quickly. For example, Sections 4, 5 and 6 deals with first-aid measures and some worst-case scenarios protocols for fire breakouts and accidents. SDS in accordance with sections 4, 5, & 6, is crucial for industries which have high exposure to harmful chemicals, subsequently leading to potential accidents.

  • Section 9 to 15 – Technical and scientific details of the chemical like reaction, toxicity, exposure, and transportation.

Sections 9-15 discuss the technical and scientific data of the chemicals, such as reactivity, toxicity, exposure, and transportation. It is essential that users know about the physical and chemical properties of the chemicals to use them appropriately. For example, if you look into section 9 speaks about the physical and chemical properties of substances like appearance, color, odour, and many more. The manufacturer should mention the required characteristics of the material in the SDS to prevent explosion or damage. In some cases, the manufacturer may also need to exhibit the relevant properties for safer use.

  • Section 16 – Information about creation or modification of SDS

Section 16 enumerates the information about the creation or modification of SDS. Generally, this section deals with preparation or when the latest update occurred for the SDS. It lets the user know where the changes were made. Hence, it allows the user to get in touch with the supplier to know the reasons behind the changes. The manufacturer can also include other essential information here. 

The need for SDS 

Even a business that looks very benign at the outset, could still have potential risks waiting to grow. Hence, just imagine the level of risk a chemical company would have. At Sunstream, our SDS services will improve the processing and management of hazardous chemicals in the organization. We provide a wide host of compliance services like REACH, Conflict Minerals, and RoHS compliance. Leave nothing to chance and comply with all the industry standards. 

But, why do companies need SDS management?

The main objective of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is to protect everyone who would come into contact with any of the hazardous substances present in the company. It will include people outside of the company as well. Whenever there is an outbreak, it not only affects the company but everyone in its immediate surrounding as well. Therefore, even the general public and the emergency responders should be safeguarded against any disastrous events. It is the reason why there are a lot of regulations like the RoHS and REACH compliance

With Sunstream’s SDS services, a company can streamline the process of indexing, reporting, and maintaining the records of all hazardous substances on the premises. We help with everything that goes into the process of delivering comprehensive SDS services that promises precision and timely reporting. This process will involve assessing every substance that can cause harm if mishandled. This step will be followed by an analysis regarding the toxicity of the chemicals and the first aid in case of emergency. 

Review and maintenance of Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets must be constantly reviewed and necessary changes have to be made when:

  • The formulation of the chemical has changed.
  • Any material difference in the product has altered the level of hazard or risk
  • A piece of new information is found about the chemical. For example, if any safe substance previously used in the product has now turned to be harmful.

Every company should review safety data sheets every five years from previous revision or initial preparation. Sunstream relieves your company from all these obligations as we ensure everything is maintained and regulated properly with our SDS services

Employers Responsibility

SDSs should be easily accessible by employees for any hazardous substance handled. This step shall be executed in any way but the core value here is that the SDSs are available to employees at all times. Also, the employer must appoint a person in charge of maintaining the Safety Data Sheets. 

Our experts will guide your company through all the compliances with regard to the storage, disposal, and every other things that ensure no accidents happen on the premises. 

Get in touch with Sunstream today for efficient SDS services and timely compliance services like REACH, RoHS, and Conflict Mineral compliance.