Reliable REACH Compliance Services

REACH compliance is the most agile regulation which was introduced by EU in the recent times. With a lot of stakeholder attention and companies working together, European Union is trying to bring some control on the chemicals which are produced or imported into the region. Refreshed every 6 months, affected companies need to be on top of this regulation every moment to ensure compliance.

Our experts devise a proper workflow to streamline the business approach to using sustainable products and manufacturing practices. Sunstream gathers all the data and cleans up the information to speed up the process of REACH compliance and REACH declaration for our clients. Sunstream has worked with clients across many industry verticals. It has enabled us to determine the client’s needs and the challenges they would face to make a strategy and a corporate REACH compliance statement.

Sunstream can act as a one-stop-shop for your REACH compliance services needs- From assessment to data collection to registration and reporting. We will act as a dependable partner to get hard to find data from your vendors for completing your REACH compliance certificate. We will ensure that your products remain in compliance by tracking the SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) list and verifying against full material disclosure in IPC 1752.

Our REACH compliance services include


  • Assessing the needs.
  • Identification of obligations.
  • Developing a road map.
  • Constructing a timely compliance process.
  • Auditing the entire process.
  • Assistance with technology selection.
  • Consulting, and assessment for compliance with REACH Substances of Very High Concern – SVHC requirements.


  • Cleaning of the Master Data.
  • Obtaining Compliance data.
    • REACH certificate of compliance with list reference (date of SVHC list).
    • REACH compliance statement (EU, KOREA & Similar).
    • Full Material compliance in IPC 1752, IEC, XML, Excel & so on.
    • Lab reports.
  • Disclosure of conformity in IPC 1752 and remove SVHC from your products and parts
  • Efficiently managing the Compliance process.
  • Converting non-compliant products to compliant.
  • Comprehensive REACH compliance services and REACH declaration.


  • Adoption of technological tools.
  • Implementing a robust compliance infrastructure.

Understanding REACH compliance

Similar to RoHS Compliance, the main objective of REACH is to safeguard the health of the general public and the environment as well. It is a regulation that was passed by the European Union on June 1st, 2007. This directive was brought in to assess and manage the inherent risk in many chemicals used by industries. Every company that deals with chemicals, either as a stand-alone product or as mixtures must comply with these restrictions.

What does REACH try to achieve?

The European Commission (EC) has earlier issued many legislation on various harmful chemicals. These regulations included different criterias and categories for the existing and new chemicals. However, the reason behind the introduction of the REACH compliance, the previously existing chemical regulation does not provide sufficient information regarding the potential risk that would cause harm for the environment and human beings. Similarly, the existing chemical regulations didn’t contain the assessment risks including the hazards and exposure level that would possibly harm the human beings. It is also to be noted that the former regulation system restricted the process of innovation and research making the EU chemical sectors to stay behind its counterparts in chemical research.

However, new regulations were introduced before the implementation of REACH compliance which also failed to fulfil responsibilities and were not appropriate. 

  • The public officials were not were not responsible for assessing the risks in regard with the harmful chemicals than the organisation or business that import or export the substances.
  • Similarly, these assessments should have been more comprehensive than the targeted or being specific.

Thus, the existing chemical regulations failed to prove its assessment, only 141 chemicals were estimated to be harmful and hazardous substances since 1993. Moreover, these former regulations required the information from the chemical importers and manufacturers but did not impose such legislation on the formulators and industrial users making it difficult to collect all the necessary information of the harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, new chemicals have to be tested every year, making complications in assessing the risks. Hence, these difficulties made the EU chemical sector continue its innovation and research on hazardous chemicals. Thus, in the year 2001 the commission issued legislation under Strategy for a Future Chemicals Policy to create a new strategy to ensure the chemical safety  and a new system was created called REACH compliance Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals .

The prime objectives of this regulation are:

  • Secure human health and the well-being of the ecosystem from hazardous chemicals
  • Optimize and allow free flow of substances in the market
  • Use of alternatives of assessing the chemicals to curb animal testing
  • Ramp up the innovativeness by fostering healthy competition among the EU market

Does your company come under this restriction?

Generally, REACH will apply to all the companies that manufacture, import, and sell chemical substances within the EU market. However, not all chemicals substances come under the purview of this law. There may be instances where a substance will be completely ignored. Sometimes, certain substances will be exempted from some portions of the regulation.

Here is a list of substances that are fully exempted from REACH compliance.

  • Any products under customs governance
  • Radioactive substances
  • Transportation of substances
  • Waste
  • Non-isolated intermediates

These substances are exempted from some facets of this regulation:

  • Food or feeding materials
  • Products with high medicinal value for human and veterinary consumption
  • Plant protection and biocide products

Who is required to register the substances?

The importers and manufacturers who have placed their products inside the EU will take the responsibility to register hazardous substances under this regulation. Any company operating outside of the European Union must have an Only Representative in the EU. Otherwise, that non-EU company must have another organization within the purview of REACH compliance who can register on its behalf.

Before entering the market, the Only Representative or the EU-based company should do the following:

  • Assess the risk that the hazardous substance poses to the people and the general environment
  • Highlight the company’s abilities to efficiently handle those risks
  • Creating safety guidelines for proper management of the hazard

How does REACH operate? 

REACH administers the process of collection, assessment of the chemical substances used in the industry. A company will need to monitor the products closely and ensure that any risk arising from them is neutralized. The professionals at Sunstream simplifies this process through Safety Data Sheets or SDS Services. This procedure will allow your company to maintain proper records of hazardous substances.

Sunstream will help speed up the process of REACH compliance with the combined expertise of our staff. We have a robust system in place to offer timely delivery of our services to companies just like you. Contact our team today to discuss your needs in  RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Mineral Compliance.