ECHA Provides Advice On New Hazard Classes For Substances And Mixtures

ECHA Provides Advice On New Hazard Classes For Substances And Mixtures

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) plays a crucial role in safeguarding human health and the environment through the regulation of chemicals. As part of its ongoing commitment to ensuring the safe use of substances and mixtures, ECHA takes the initiative to provide expert advice on new hazard classes. These hazard classes are essential for accurately identifying and communicating potential chemical risks, promoting greater awareness and safety across industries. Hence, in this blog, we will look into the advice recommended by ECHA on new hazard classes for substances and mixtures. 

New Hazard Classes Of Substances And Mixtures:

There are three new classes introduced under the classifying, labeling and packaging (CLP) for substances and mixtures, which the European Commission issued on 20th April of 2023. This new hazard class applies to all chemical substances and chemicals placed in the EU market under REACH. It is also to be noted that these new hazard classes of substance and mixture are also applicable to the active chemical components present in the biocidal and various other plant-production products, which are already prioritized under the EU’s harmonized classification.

The new class of hazardous substance and mixtures are,

So, the Member state authorities, companies, and many supply chains can uitilize the guidance currently available for the endocrine and PBT until a complete and comprehensive guideline is updated for the new hazard class of CLP. It is expected that guidelines for the new CLP criteria will be developed by 2024 and will be included into the IT tool IUCLID in the same year. 

Hence, after the legislation update, it is expected that companies and supply chains to indicate their substance information, classification, and labeling to comply with the law. It is also to be noted that companies mandatorily need to indicate their substance under the specified classification once the transition period completes. 

ECHA’s provision of expert advice on new hazard classes for substances and mixtures underscores its commitment to promoting chemical safety and protecting human health and the environment. Hence, manufacturers, downstream users, distributors, and importers ensure that they place their substance in accordance with the compliance requirements. If your company is short of resources or paying very high to a consultant or don’t understand the regulation well, then outsourcing to Sunstream for REACH complianceconflict mineral compliance, and ROHS compliance services will be the right strategy. Talk to one of our executives to understand how we can help handle the regulations better.