Cost Effective Steel Detailing Company

Structural steel detailing is very crucial to ensure the entire stability of a building, bridge, or any other architectural project. A role of a steel detailing company is of pivotal importance since no error shall be allowed to seep into the process. Any calculation, irrespective of the scale, can have a major impact later on. 

Therefore, you need a team that is capable of rendering thorough steel detailing services with the highest level of precision. Steel detailing is an activity that will connect architects, engineers, fabricators, and contractors to work cohesively with a single-minded goal. 

Sunstream is a reliable steel detailing company, that follows a process-driven approach that aims to look into a project at the granular level to maximize the accuracy and stability of the structure. It will start with the assessment of the layout designs followed by the creation of 3D modeling with our exceptional CAD drawing services. This step will translate design on paper into a clear model of the structure.

What standards do we follow?

In order to provide the best steel detailing services, we need to conform to the standards set by the governing bodies such as:

  • National Institute of Steel Detailing
  • Australian Institute of Steel Construction
  • American Welding Society
  • British and European countries standard codes

Why do you need to choose Sunstream?

Engineers at Sunstream can handle any project, irrespective of its complexity. We firmly believe in our skillset to produce the desired result in a timely manner. Our objective is to keep the cost low while rendering the highest quality of structural detail engineering service. Throughout the years of operations, we have handled multiple projects across industries. It has contributed a lot to our experience and therefore, it has transformed us into an exceptional steel detailing company.

Moreover, well-developed steel detailing plans will help the architects and the fabricators carry on their work with a high degree of accuracy and reliability. Sunstream engineers put a lot of effort into creating vivid drawings and models that give a lot of actionable insights to the team working on the construction project. Our steel detailing services improve the understanding of all the stakeholders involved in the project about the final design. This process is very essential in ensuring that the result matches the expectations and is free from any error or deviation from the plan. The fabricated steel members are ready to assemble at sites without any rework will help to reduce cost and turn around time in all constructions.  

Civil / Structural Engineering Capabilities

  • Preparation of layout and plot plan.
  • Foundations Drawings.
  • RCC, steel structural analysis.
  • Equipment Support Structure Design.
  • Pipe rack support.
  • Steel Detailing.
  • Fabrication drawing.
  • Connection design.
  • Rail loading and unloading.
  • Bill of Materials and 3D modeling.

Sunstream focuses on providing its clients with end to end plant engineering services including Civil, Structural, mechanical, piping and E&I services.

Our product engineering group provides a wide range of Electronic and mechanical engineering services. Our solutions include PCB layout services, embedded hardware and software services as well. Get in touch with us today!