ECHA Adds A New Substance To Its REACH SVHC List

ECHA Adds A New Substance To Its REACH SVHC List

ECHA or European Chemicals Agency plays a crucial role managing the European Union’s REACH compliance which aims to safeguard the environment and human beings from the potential risks of chemicals. The REACH compliance is applicable for all the chemical products or substances especially the ones affecting the industry which is widely used across the EU. The compliance establishes a systematic procedure right from assessing, collecting,and managing the substances hazards over the environment and human health. The substances which are high risk potential are added under the substances of very high concern or SVHC list. Hence, as an ever-evolving process the ECHA has added a new substance under SVHC recently and this blog explores it briefly.

Addition Of New Substance:

Recently, ECHA has updated a new substance under the SVHC list making the list extended from 240 to 241. Hence, the importers and manufacturers must ensure that SVHC quantity in their articles should weigh with the limit of 0.1%. The below is the newly added substance and the reason why it is added under the SVHC.

Substance Name: Bis(α,α-dimethylbenzyl) peroxide or Dicumyl Peroxide

CAS #(EC#): 80-43-3 (201-279-3) 

Reason For Addition: Toxic for reproduction (Article 57c)

Products: Flame retardant in plastic and rubbers 

Why Is Dicumyl Peroxide Used In Products?

The Dicumyl Peroxide is used as the major component for initiation of polymerization in the products like rubbers and plastics and serves as the best flame retardant. Also, most importantly this substance is used in making low-density polyethylene (LDPE) for the initiation of polymerization. Moreover, LDPE is the major component in the packaging materials and electrical components. 

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