The Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor helps bring your innovative and bleeding-edge designs to life. With a comprehensive, powerful and easy-to-use suite of tools, you can effortlessly tackle the simplest or most complex projects. The constraint driven environment provides real-time visual feedback and ensures the functionality and manufacturability of your PCBs while reducing design time.

Cadence® Allegro® PCB Designer helps to bring your cutting edge designs a reality and ready for market. With Cadence Allegro technology you can complete your most complex projects effortlessly. Allegro technology is the most comprehensive PCB solution in the market today which sets industry benchmark in the PCB design technology, process automation, data management solution and collaborative development methodology.

Key Benefits include

  • Analysis Driven Design

    A strong SI/PI engine ensure that you identify and resolve these issues at an early stage of the design and thus reducing the time to market.

  • Layout and Routing

    Allegro’s routing algorithms ensure you can handle simple and complex routes whether your designs are of any density.

  • Team Design

    This unique feature of Allegro ensures that you can work with your team on the same design parallelly. This capability ensures all versions are managed effectively without over writing or same area worked by two engineers at the same time.

  • Manufacturability

    Checking the manufacturability of your design in real-time ensure that you can get to production faster without issues.

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