OrCAD PCB Designer

The simplest completely scalable PCB layout solution with the functionality and ability to clear up any layout challenge.

  • OrCAD Capture is the renowned schematic design solution that used globally.

Key Benefits That Include:

Comprehensive And Spontaneous Feedback:

  • Every industry is looking for a comprehensive and spontaneous application that scales up your business with the increasing industry trends. OrCAD is one such application where today’s PCB layout services greatly depend to develop a reliable and high-quality design for the products. The CAD software utilized by the product engineers often provides feedback on the processing design which helps them to make informed decisions to develop a suitable design. OrCAD is such an incompatible application which provides you real-time feedback by identifying the issues. Our real-time features available in the OrCAD addresses the design concerns at its earliest which minimizes the potential errors during the production. It is a nerve-racking situation when your boards get back to you from the manufacturing. The designing becomes a breeze when you have an OrCAD PCB designer for your process. The Design for manufacturing (DFM) checking has various assembly and fabrication checks for your design to ensure that it does not cost any time or money during the manufacturing process. With DFM, analysis capabilities, and real-time feedback in the OrCAD, you can be assured of your design which will get running at the first time.

Designed To Meet Your Needs:

  • In the product designing industry, the behavior and effects of the systems and devices change at a great pace. So, engineers who provide various CAD drafting services are constantly on the look out for a solution that keeps up with the ever-changing system needs. With OrCAD the fully-scaled platform for the PCB design you can stand out from your competitors through their innovative and intuitive features which easily adapts to the various technological changes. The OrCAD PCB designer & analysis suites offer you the cutting-edge industry solution for your product designing needs. OrCAD is architected with advanced technological capabilities and high user-end value which assures the developer to provide solutions even for the challenging and complex designs.

Easy To Use:

  • OrCAD PCB designer is one of the easiest and intuitive applications which allows the user to create endless schematic representations at an ease. You can now create a clear yet concise schematic for your board in the hierarchical way. Create various versions of your design, generate Bill of Materials (BOM), and even document your all schematics in a single PDF in a single click. The OrCAD PCB designer is integrated with the simulation engines which allows you to view the seamless synchronization of the physical changes made to the automated ones in the design. Additionally, the system allows you to analyze the complete schematic environment within the system as per the attributes which greatly helps in preventing data loss and reworks.

Extensive Library:

  • Create your designs in the most fast and accurate way by accessing the extensive library of OrCAD PCB designers which includes a wide range of symbols and footprints for many common electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits (ICs).Your worries for component placement ends with OrCAD specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of these applications and helps engineers to accelerate their design process. Additionally, with Allegro PCB which acts as a complementary tool that provides a comprehensive tool for the electronic design right from design concept to manufacturing.

Best-In-Class Performance:

  • Easily cope with massive or complicated designs with multicore help integrated for shapes, routing, and DRC engines.

Intelligent Place & Route:

Enhance your productivity through intelligent automated and interactive editing and positioning capabilities for etching.

ECAD-MCAD Co-Design:

Connect your MCAD-ECAD workflows and design environments by incorporating support for IPC-2581, STEP, and IDX.

Constraint Management:

Ensure that guidelines adhere to the real-time validation and status constraints of the product design, covering bodily/spacing, net, place, diff pair, and length regulations

Future-Proof Scalability:

Optimize your product lifecycle and scalability  by comprehending how layout technology and products can advance in tandem with your future layout needs and the evolving challenges of technology.

Integration & Productivity:

Enhance your efficiency by swiftly navigating through tasks using a comprehensive feature set and seamless application integration, promoting productivity and maintaining data integrity.

Integrated Design Flows:

Effortlessly analyze your designs to achieve project objectives and attain initial success through the incorporation of integrated flows for system integration, analog, mixed-signal, and constraint layouts.

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