The Cadence® Allegro® PCB Editor empowers you to transform your cutting-edge and innovative designs into reality. Equipped with a comprehensive, powerful, and user-friendly set of tools, it enables you to seamlessly handle projects of varying complexity. The constraint-driven environment delivers real-time visual feedback, ensuring the functionality and manufacturability of your PCBs, all while minimizing design time.

Cadence® Allegro® PCB Designer helps to bring your cutting edge designs a reality and ready for market.
With Cadence Allegro technology or  assistance with OrCAD PCB designer you can complete your most complex projects effortlessly.Allegro technology is the most comprehensive PCB solution in the
market today which sets industry benchmark in the PCB design technology, process automation, data management solution and collaborative development methodology.

Key Benefits include

  • Design Driven by Analysis
    Signal Integrity (SI) and Power Integrity (PI) are critical for designing electronic systems. A strong SI/PI engine ensure that you identify and resolve these issues at an early stage of the design and thus reducing the time to market. However, every product engineering company does not have the luxury of hiring an SI expert to check its credibility. If so, such an expert will be used to analyze the critical issues. Thus, it leads to time consumption, where you must wait for feedback or make the necessary changes. Allegro PCB design platform is integrated with the designing workflow within the PCB editor canvas, which can easily identify and rectify the quality issues of the signal. The Allegro PCB editor reduces the troubleshooting time before PCB production. Thus, it eliminates the need for SI expertise, specialized software, various simulation models and translations by giving immediate feedback on the troubleshooting and designing at 4X speed to complete the process.
  • Assembling & Networking
    Allegro’s routing algorithms ensure you can handle simple and complex routes whether your designs are of any density. It is due to its advanced routing capabilities which makes the PCB layout services provide a complete and efficient electronic design. The placement vision and design planning features in the Allegro PCB help to utilize the board’s space efficiently by optimizing with suitable layers, placing the right components, and ensuring it meets the length and time requirements. The Allegro PCB also provides the options such as via arrays and scribbles, which enables the designer to design multiple routing quickly. Zone-based rules, contour-arc routing, inter-layer checks with a matrix approach, and bendable area features allow you to create a reliable yet rigid routing for your PCB easily.
  • Design By Professionals
    This unique feature of Allegro ensures that you can work with your team on the same design parallelly. This capability ensures all versions are managed effectively without over writing or same area worked by two engineers at the same time. Thus, multiple designers from various locations can work on the same design, saving time up to 70%, which helps product engineers to give the best CAD drawing services. Additionally, this feature in the Allegro PCB reduces manual work, which is often time-consuming and prone to errors. Hence, the real-design facility minimizes design errors that occur due to miscommunication. Also, in PCB designing, essential circuits, interfaces, and constraints will be included more than once in and between the designs. Allegro PCB allows you to reuse proven IP within your schematic to speed up your design process quickly. In the same way, you can easily import sheets, blocks, and even electrical rules from known good designs to your PCB schematic.
  • Real-Time Manufacturability Checks
    Checking the manufacturability of your design in real-time ensure that you can get to production faster without issues. Through Allegro PCB, you can develop the most reliable PCB designs for the circuit, where you can track and get notified when there is a design violation. Hence, it helps in reducing reworks during post-production. The software also can perform simulations of a circuit design or system directly within the design environment of a schematic. Additionally, you can quickly identify and resolve the issues regarding the failure in the design process, which occurs due to the over-stress on the components and issues due to signal and power integrity.Within the framework of 3D CAD services, we offer a powerful solution for achieving a seamless and efficient electronic design process. Our modern PCB CAD tools transcend these boundaries, providing a comprehensive suite of electronic design automation (EDA) tools. OrCAD contributes by offering a suite of tools for schematic capture, simulation, and preliminary design, while Allegro PCB Editor, with its advanced features, takes the design process to the next level with a specialized focus on intricate and complex PCB layout.

Unmatched Speed Capability:

Allegro PCB’s electrical rules, auto-routing, phase tunes, timing, and many more give you an unmatched vision of your board routing and designing. Thus, it allows PCB developers to develop compact, reliable, and powerful PCB designs. Also, create HDI projects with Allegro PCB by enabling the HDI design flow rules for more compact and densely packed circuitry to improve reliability and electrical performance.


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