An Insight On PCB Layout Tools Available In OrCAD X

An Insight On PCB Layout Tools Available In OrCAD X

OrCAD PCB designer is one of the most versatile and compatible tools in designing your electronic products and provides an extensive suite with a range of tools for the electronic design automation (EDA) for designing the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). Presto PCB Editor which is one of the tools within the OrCAD suites has enhanced and added a new feature to the layout in the OrCAD X for seamless process of routing, placement, visualization, and analysis. This easy navigation within the application has a significant impact on the designers capacity to turn their vision into a real-time product. Hence, this blog gives an insight on PCB layout tools available in OrCAD X.

Customization Of Workspace:

In the enhanced version of OrCAD X the PCB layout has windows that are modifiable and an in-built control improving the visibility and layer colors. With the advanced features in the application, users can modify their workspace and change the placement of the panes and floating toolbars either by pinning, unpinning, and leaving them floating. Hence, this versatility allows the user to have exceptional control and visibility over the color layer in the PCB layout and manage the appearance of the entire elements in the product design.

Placement & Routing:

Routing is another effective feature in the OrCAD X which was enhanced in the PCB layout editor recently to reduce the need for navigation of tools or menu and easily enable the elements like silkscreen text adjustments and DDR signals. Also, the visibility pane plays a critical role in the PCB layout editor, especially with the nets tab allowing the designers to find and place the nets on the specific location. Also, addition of colors to these nets on canvas adds a benefit offering visibility on how these networks are connected among the layers.


OrCAD X interface has been made extremely simple and user-friendly for the users for enhanced accessibility. For example, when a user wants to route the design, the individual can easily select the routing components from the floating toolbar or utilize the hotkeys for connecting the routing with the nets. Also, the user can switch over the assisted or manual routing method. 

Multiple Snapping & Grids:

In the PCB layout tools, the commands, design data, and settings are easily accessible and reduces the need to go through the numerous menus and adjust the settings manually. These features allow you to customize the grids and configure multiple snap, which are essential for right spacing, alignment, and clearances allows easy adjustments and components routing and placement.

Editing & Shaping:

In the latest update of OrCAD X, the shaping and editing of the shapes are direct, allowing the designers to create, select, modify, or draw as per the requirements. The application also provides exceptional visibility allowing the designers to switch from 2D to 3D, various angles, and even highlight the components and nets for review or corrections. 

Design Information:

The application offers detailed information in the search panel and properties pane about the various elements involved in the design which allows the user to reduce errors and resolve troubleshooting. These information are listed out clearly with the issues in the design, navigating directly into the issue area, and allowing the fix issue quickly. Hence, overall it enhances the designing experience, and allows for a faster completion of the product design. 

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