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How Automotive Industry Saves Costs By Outsourcing 3D Modeling?

3D Modeling In- Automotive Industry

Many companies transform and become distinct when they started producing goods much faster at an affordable rate. Such companies later became a disruptive force in the market, putting a lot of pressure on the others who were in close pursuit. Nowadays, the competition is not limited to supply chain optimization. Engineering cost optimization has become one of the important target for companies. The disruptive force in the market now are Mechaincal CAD and 3D modeling. This blog will show how the automotive industry saves costs by outsourcing to a firm that specializes in 3D modeling services

Problems with setting up an in-house CAD team

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is vital for a product design organization at all times. It cannot omit the necessity of CAD. But, it is not easy to run a dedicated CAD team and train its employees. The cost of maintaining up to date CAD models for their products with all current updates is always a challenge. There is also a practical difficulty for companies to keep track of all the updates in the 3D design while the manufacturing happens at various global locations along with their core activities. 

Therefore, outsourcing 3D modeling becomes a viable option for every industry.

3D modeling – The driver of growth in the automotive industry 

Ten years back, carmakers used 3D modeling to design prototypes that were only used to check the form and the fit of the cars. It enabled the manufacturers to create cars that looked beautiful. But, this process overlooked a fundamental factor, which was durability. The parts became weak over time and hence were unfit for long-term use.

Later on, new technologies brought some shifts in the industry. With the introduction of fused filament fabrication, carmakers were able to make not only the prototype but also the end-use parts with this process.

Now, 3D modeling has become the mainstay for the automotive industry in designing vehicle components and parts. It is because of the relatively affordable cost and its short production time. 3D modeling has a lot of choices that give flexibility to the designers to try out a few things.

Practical applications of 3D modeling in the automotive industry

1 – Concept creation & design

Whenever there is a debut model or a concept, it is often shown using 3D models. It gives deep insight into the design of the model and makes it easy for the carmakers to decide on its functionalities. 

Sunstream can create detailed 3D models combined with our skills in Industrial Design Services as a holistic product development approach.

2 – Validation of prototypes 

With the help of 3D modeling, carmakers can use rapid prototyping in the premanufacturing phase.

3 – Pre-production samples and tools

Samples of automobiles tools and parts such as jigs, fixtures, molds, and grips can be made at a low cost. Therefore, the companies enjoy faster production time and low investment.

How 3D modeling saves costs?

Those companies that have deployed 3D modeling have seen the following cost-saving benefits:

  • Reduction in part failure
  • Speeds up the assembly process and decreases the production cost
  • Simplifies the supply chain of the industry

The industry is constantly coming up with newer methods of production and innovation, it is the task of every company to find a reliable 3D modeling company to design its products. Sunstream has a team of talented engineers who are very proficient at what they do! We also render other services like printed circuit board designs and embedded software development services. Get in touch with us now!