UK REACH Regulation In A Nutshell

UK REACH Regulation In A Nutshell

To begin with, REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, Restriction Of Chemicals. The majority of chemical compounds produced in or imported into Great Britain are subject to the UK REACH regulation.

Duties That Falls Under REACH:

The company is required to recognize and control the hazards posed by the substances which are produced and sold in the UK. There must be a detailed explanation to the users how to use the substance safely and how to implement risk management strategies.

The role must be accessible because the previous responsibilities under EU REACH may have altered dramatically under UK REACH compliance.

In the UK:

  • regardless of the size of your business, it applies to all industries that produce, import, distribute, or use chemicals as raw materials or finished products, and is not limited to the chemical industry.
  •  It holds you accountable for the safe use of any substances you use or put on the market and mandates that all supply chain participants share information about the safe use of chemicals.

Objective Of UK REACH:

UK REACH has the following objectives:

  1. Giving the environment and human health the utmost safeguards against chemical usage.
  2. Assessing those who sell chemicals accountable for understanding and managing the risks associated with their use. 
  3. Encouraging the use of alternative techniques for determining whether a substance is hazardous, such as quantitative structure-activity relationships and reading across.

Substances That Have Been Excluded:

  • Radioactive.
  • Non-isolated intermediates.
  • Substances that come under customs supervision.
  • The transport of substances.
  • Naturally occurring low-hazard substances.

Under UK REACH, particular requirements apply to some compounds protected by more specific legislation, such as:

  • Substances used for research and development.
  • Veterinary and human medicines. 
  • Food related additives.
  • Isolated intermediates.
  • Biosites and plant preservation products.

Comply With UK REACH Service:

The EU and UK REACH are independent and operate differently. However, it is essential that you ensure to comply with both the regulations wherever it is needed.

Hence, in order to comply with the UK REACH, UK has developed a specially designated IT system called Comply with UK REACH for the suppliers and manufactures to submit their information to The Agency and dossiers.

Dossiers Submission:

Dossiers is nothing but a collection of documents related to the products that have been manufactured or imported. Thus, these dossiers must be submitted in the International Uniform Chemical Information Database (IUCLID) format. UK REACH follows such a system to store, read, maintain, record, and exchange the preferred data on the chemical substance.

In case you are not aware about the IUCLID format, it is ideal that you learn about the format and familiarize with the technical terminologies. However, you can always read the manuals on the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) website to know more about these. It is also essential to be noted that you have an account with the “Comply with UK REACH” system to satisfy the all your obligations regarding registration with UK REACH

Hence, these are the major things that you should know about UK REACH. Approach, Sunstream for end-to-end services in the REACH Compliance needs of your products.