RMI’s New Pilot Reporting Template For Other Minerals

RMI’s New Pilot Reporting Template For Other Minerals

RMI introduced a new template – Pilot Reporting Template (PRT), to do the due diligence for minerals that are not covered by CMRT and EMRT. The Pilot Reporting Template got launched on November 11, 2022, as PRT v. 1.0.

Various companies started to collect the data for metals/minerals that are not included in the CMRT and EMRT by creating custom mineral reporting templates. This in turn led to create confusions and as a result RMI introduced PRT, a standardized template for efficient data collection.

PRT facilitates the transfer of Smelters and refiners information through the supply chain and support due diligence process in accordance with the OECD Guidance. It is designed for the downstream companies to abide by the conflict mineral compliance

Why PRT is Different from CMRT and EMRT

Unlike CMRT and EMRT, PRT is not having a defined mineral scope. The scope is defined by the user and presently allowing up to ten minerals. There are four default selections for the PRT and those are Aluminium, Copper, Lithium and Nickel. Companies can select the minerals based on their prioritization.

The PRT is not fully align with the IPC-1755 standard like CMRT and EMRT. The intention behind that is, over the time, minerals included in the PRT will be transitioned into the EMRT, as determined by the RMI Minerals Reporting Template team.

RMI does not collect PRTs. As a good practice, companies should provide this to their customers and can be posted on their website. 

How to Handle PRT Requests

Priority minerals might be different for different companies. RMI does not set expectations on PRT. So, companies should set reporting expectations for their customers.

Since PRT is a pilot test, the revision cycle may be adjusted as needed. Currently it is aligned with that of the EMRT.

Latest version is available for download here

Sunstream has years of experience in managing the conflict mineral data collection. With our expertise in this area, we are ready to start data collection using PRT template for specific minerals. You can talk to a Sunstream material compliance consultant on how to align your compliance program to cover other minerals using PRT.