How OrCAD PCB Editor Helps In PCB Clustering?

How OrCAD PCB Editor Helps In PCB Clustering?

In today’s fast-paced world, especially in electronic engineering the designs are becoming more complex making the engineers think and design out of the box. Not only that timelines specified for design construction are also constrained due to faster productivity, engineers are always looking for various opportunities which enhances their designing process effectively. OrCAD PCB editor provides different ways to improve the PCB Design services, to ensure better performance of your board. In this blog, we will briefly look at what PCB clustering is and how OrCAD PCB editor helps in PCB clustering effectively.

What Is PCB Clustering?

PCB clustering is one of the crucial processes in the PCB design where the engineers group components of one kind on the printed circuit board (PCB) which helps in optimizing the overall circuits work function and minimizes the boards size significantly. Apart from board optimization and size minimal, PCB clustering helps the electronic designers minimize the circuit routing such as traces, vias, and layers. This is where OrCAD PCB Editor, the most popular software, helps in PCB layout services where the designer does the PCB clustering process more efficiently and effectively in a fraction of time.

How OrCAD Helps In PCB Clustering?

Placement Of Components:

As mentioned earlier PCB clustering is where the eclectic components are grouped as per the type and OrCAD PCB Editor greatly helps in making this happen in a faster way. As the PCB clustering facility resides already in the OrCAD PCB Editor it helps the engineers for grouping the related components in the schematic representation. The OrCAD PCB Editor also helps in leveraging this process where they are auto-generated and placed as the clusters. However, these auto-generated clusters are created based on the properties of schematic representation such as hierarchy, reference designator prefixes/suffixes, pages, and ROOM. Thus it helps the engineers to group the components based on their type with logical grouping and faster placement.

Net Grouping:

It is another facility offered by the OrCAD PCB Editor where groups of networks are formed between the components based on the signal and circuit functions. Thus, with the help of net grouping in the OrCAD, the designer can effectively reduce the networking routes which greatly helps in optimizing boards signal and layer integrity.


Thirdly, stacking layers on the PCB circuit is often a challenging job for the designers . OrCAD Editor helps in overcoming the challenges in stacking the similar components on the PCB circuit as it minimizes the layering capacity. Hence, through OrCAD PCB Editor, the complexity of layer stacking is completely reduced and reduces the overall size of the circuit. This feature is very useful for the circuit types that include complexity and where components are used in large numbers.

Thus, OrCAD PCB Editor is the most powerful tool that helps designers to optimize PCB clustering. Sunstream is the leading channel partner for Cadence in India. We provides OrCAD PCB and Allegro PCB tools and services. We provide PCB design services to take care all your PCB layout needs.