Applications Of Embedded Software

Practical Applications Of Embedded Software

Applications Of Embedded Software

In this modern world, everything that we interact with has a touch of advanced technological solutions that makes the process simple. The moment we think of technology, computers would come to our mind. However, many non-PC devices are equally intelligent as our desktop system. It is because of embedded software. It is responsible for handling specialized functions of a non-PC device. Embedded software development is a widely sought out service across industries. Here are some practical applications of embedded software that showcase the importance of the system in today’s IT scenario.

Real-time use of Embedded software

Embedded systems are used in all products varying from low cost to high-value products. They are found in consumer electronics, industrial products, automation, aerospace systems, etc. 

This blog will explain some of the real-time uses of embedded systems.

1 – Detection of rash driving in Highway

A simple device using a microcontroller can alert the authorities in case someone exceeds the speed limit. The device is programmed using C that is embedded into the microcontroller. This software code determines the duration between two sensors and subsequently gives the speed of the vehicle. When the speed limit is crossed, the circuit is activated and a buzzing sound alerts the officials.

2 – Street lights

Even a street light can turn smart with embedded software. A PIC microcontroller is coded with embedded C or assembly language to detect vehicle movement. When a vehicle enters its range, the street light will switch on. It automatically turns off after the vehicle goes out of its range. This can save a lot of energy and electricity expenses. It is essential to get the best PCB design services to bring all the embedded software together as a reliable unit.

3 – Traffic signal

The traffic in a specific junction can be efficiently guided by using embedded software. It can be done by programming the controller to change the timing in relation to the density of the vehicles. Therefore, this system would effectively automate the process of traffic regulation.

4 – ATMs

Embedded software inside an ATM would be networked with a wired or a wireless system. The bank will verify all the inputs from the user and securely stores the transaction. Embedded software takes charge of displaying the account information and processing the inputs given by the user.

5 – Automobile control system

The safety on road has rapidly increased with the advent of embedded software. An automobile is strengthened by adaptive speed control, safety alerts, airbags, and sensors. All these safety features are possible because of embedded software. It is also found in the anti-lock braking and entertainment system of the car. 

6 – Medical devices

The medical field has been extensively using embedded software. The system is responsible for collecting the vital details of the patient. It has improved the healthcare industry a lot since these systems can constantly monitor a patient.

All these examples of embedded systems should have conveyed the value of the software. Optimize your business with embedded software. Sunstream is an exceptional industrial design company that provides a wide range of IT solutions for its clients. Talk to our team about your requirements today!